Custom Fence Decals

Custom Fence Decals

All of our fence decals are screen printed with a highly pigmented U.V. ink for maximum outdoor durability

General Purpose Decal

An industry standard for years. It is an excellent all around decal for smooth surfaces. We use a 4 mil. white vinyl, 2 mil. clear mylar or chrome silver with a permanent acrylic adhesive.

Vinyl Fence Decal

This decal is specifically designed for vinyl or plastic surfaces. It is available in white or clear. It features a very Hi Tac adhesive for an optimum bond to vinyl and plastic materials.

Galvanized Pipe Decal

This material has a double coat of adhesive that gives the best results for a firm grip on rough surfaces like galvanized pipe.


The life of your decal can be enhanced by adding protective lamination. We highly recommend laminating your decal. With a minimal additional cost, you are protecting your investment. Maximizing the outdoor life gives you added value to your advertising expense.

Custom Mini Magnets

Our custom mini-magnets are screen printed on .020 mil. gloss white magnetic. They have a brilliant sheen and are very durable.